Benefits of Reading!

Being able to read is a crucial skill in being able to function in today's society. It is important because it develops the mind and our imagination. A person who knows how to read can educate himself in any area of life he is interested in.

  • Personal Growth
  • Improving Creativity and knowledge
  • Discipline and Memory Improvement
  • Improving Self Esteem
  • Improving Vocabulary
  • Professional Growth
  • Building Expertise
  • Reducing Stress
  • Improving writing skills
  • Feeling more connected

Why Reading 20 Minutes a Day is so Critical

Student A

  • 20 minutes per day
  • 3,600 minutes per school year
  • 1,800,000 words per year
  • student-a
  • Scores in the 90th percentile on standard tests.

Student B

  • 5 minutes per day
  • 900 minutes per school year
  • 282,00 words per year
  • student-b
  • Scores in the 50th percentile on standard tests.

Student C

  • 1 minute per day
  • 180 minutes per school year
  • 8,000 words per year
  • student-c
  • Scores in the 10th percentile on standard tests.
  • Which student would you expect to have a better vocabulary?
  • Which student would you expect to be more successful in school… or in life?
  • So, how do you make your child a better reader?